Kitco Gold Review

For many potential traders, it can be hard to figure out which precious metal investment company will be the best for them, particularly with the long run in mind. When selecting prospective firms to work with, many things can factor into a top quality and dependable experience. Kitco is one such company that customers may consider working with. The typical Kitco Gold Review will underscore the fact that they have been on the market for quite a while, and their know-how in the precious metals selling field could be an excellent kick-off point for new investors.

Kitco supplies a wide variety of different precious metals, ranging from rounds to bars to coins, all of them available in gold, silver, and platinum. While the organization does not carry a very wide product selection, they are still in a position to provide the essentials for their clients without daunting them with too many options. In that respect, they could be a good base for those investors who are just getting started with precious metal deals.

For more knowledgeable customers, particularly those who are looking at coin investments, other companies might offer a greater diversity of services. All of the silver and gold coins featured by this organization seem to lack some of the different varieties that other companies possess. Customers who investigated several other choices, in particular, have pointed out their precious metal coin assortment is not as diverse.

Traders interested in precious metal bars, on the other hand, will find that Kitco has a much more satisfying range to pick from. They include bullion bars available in various sizes, ranging from 1 oz. to over 400 oz. Clients stated that the costs were competitive and not susceptible to abrupt rises. Bulk cost options are offered for those who want to obtain large packages of precious metals.

Customers reported an overall positive shipping experience when dealing with this company. Kitco features regular shipping services that will have the products delivered by UPS or FedEx. All the packages are discreetly shipped, which decreases security risks; customers can expect to pay a fair sum for all US and Canada deliveries. Often, individuals are expected to pay extra for packages meant to be shipped outside of the continent. All the orders can be further insured, and the higher the quantity of precious metals purchased, the higher the overall insurance fees will tend to be.

For particularly large orders, the corporation might opt to ship the items in several separate packages. This is done with security in mind, and it helps make sure that the package arrives at the client’s door with the minimal amount of concerns. For particularly enormous orders, priced at over seventy five thousand dollars, an armored truck will deliver the items. For such large orders, the cost of the delivery services will be much more substantial, and the deliveries will not be made to residential locations. While this may be considered an inconvenience by individuals who plan on making enormous bulk purchases, it is done so to ascertain the highest level of safety for the products purchased.

Though Kitco would seem to be advisable, it is not without its faults. It has an A+ ranking on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site, though it is not accredited with the BBB. Furthermore, there are a total of six complaints concerning the company on the website. Most of the complaints were related to advertising and sales problems in addition to problems with the products or services offered.
Although that is not a large number of complaints, investors should keep them in mind before working with this company. Besides, the firm is not listed on the Business Consumer Alliance website, or on the TrustLink site. Although this may mean that no complaints were posted on the sites, it should raise red flags in investors. The lack of ratings and testimonials might mean no traders was willing to recommend the services, or that the company itself is not interested in spreading its image on the internet.

Kitco could be an easy place to get started for individuals who are just beginning to work with the world of gold and precious metals investment. They are a moderately known trading business and although their product selection is not extraordinary, their prices offer new clients a straightforward experience. Consumers can expect to get their products safely and securely within a fair amount of time, and the further insurance options allow for further peace of mind if you choose them.

For beginning and seasoned investors alike, Regal Assets remains the best choice as a primary precious metal trader. Their site at features a wide variety of bullion items for you to choose from. For those who are aiming to further diversify their portfolios, it is good to know that they can choose from platinum, palladium, and silver, in addition to the gold alternatives on the website.

Customers will be able to trade varied precious metal coins, and the easy to find contact information can help individuals get started with the guidance of a serious team of professionals. Furthermore, Regal Assets has posted many articles filled with information that can offer you an insider’s glimpse into the current atmosphere of the precious metal trading sector. The practical toolbar at the top of the screen allows the user to navigate the site and benefit from such services as a precious metal pricing chart and reviews by satisfied customers. A complimentary precious metal IRA rollover kit is available after the client looks through the standard services of the website. The website is also featured on a wide variety of reviewing services, for instance the BBB and BCA. Those sites rate Regal Assets very highly, which makes the company a clear option for clients who are interested in a positive investment experience.


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