Is a Gold Backed IRA for You?

If you are just like many other individuals getting close to retirement, having all of your investments in the stock exchange really feels disquieting. The Fed’s policy of devaluing the dollar with the printing press and the good possibility of inflation are more than enough for an investor to lose sleep over. That is why investing part of your portfolio into a gold backed IRA account might be sensible.

Gold has always been used a store of wealth, because as gold is money. The US dollar is really just a fiat currency. The fiat US dollar is no longer backed by gold, but is backed by a guarantee made by Federal govt. Considering their performance history, how safe you believe that the dollar is founded only that? The dollar is also surrendering status as the de facto world currency whilst numerous countries are now trading with gold.

A Great Option: The Gold IRA Account

The Internal Revenue Service allows you to acquire, in your self directed IRA, defined precious metals coins, as well as gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion that satisfy fineness requirements. Accepted gold coins consists of American Eagles, Australian Kangaroo/Nuggets, Austrian Philharmonics, U.S. Buffalo Gold Uncirculated coins and Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

Coins that have undergone “certification” aka “slabbed” coins are not approved in IRAs. For a comprehensive list of IRS accepted precious metals for IRAs, click here. Also, the smallest investment amount for a gold IRA is $5000.

One important factor to recognize about gold IRAs that the precious metals acquired for your IRA needs to be stored by a 3rd party IRA custodian. Individuals are prohibited from physically storing the gold, silver etc. in their own safe.

In case you already possess an IRA with a current or former employer, you may transfer or rollover funds into a Gold IRA Account. Utilizing a transfer, you basically move funds directly from one custodian to another. That could be done at any time with your existing IRA, as frequently as you like.

In the rollover option, you acquire a distribution from your existing IRA account then transfer the money in to a Gold IRA account. The IRS allows you sixty days to redeposit the funds before you end up being liable for penalties and taxes. You are permitted to perform a rollover once each 12 months to maintain the tax deferred status of your retirement account.

To determine if gold is going to work for your circumstances, you need to do your research and then talk to an expert. The best way to obtain the information you require to make an informed choice on a gold IRA is with a Gold IRA investment Kit from Regal Assets.

This choice offers investment information and the potential to ask questions from a qualified Gold IRA representative. Even though there are numerous “Gold Kits” offered online, our preferred is provided by Regal Assets.

Regal offers a FREE, detailed, top quality kit with a the opportunity to ask questions. Perhaps the most refreshing element of Regal’s approach to Gold IRAs is that there certainly is NO HARD SELL.

Assuming that you have at least $10,000 to put into a gold backed IRA, click here for the complementary Gold IRA Investment Guide or call 1-888-745-7957.

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