Gold Backed IRA Information for Asute Investors

The retirement lifestyle you are planning now could be greatly affected by a rapid spike in consumer prices or an economic collapse if your accounts are based solely dollar denominated paper assets. Without some type of insurance, you are at the mercy of the pinheads in Washington DC.

Gold Backed IRA Information

Most gold experts believe that we are still years from the the peak of the gold market with the most incredible gains coming when “everyone” wants to buy the yellow metal.

Seven Reasons we Like Precious Metals:

  1. Gold and silver are still way below their inflation adjusted highs from the 1980 bull market.
  2. Industrial demand is outpacing the supply of silver while gold bullion inventories can barely keep up with investment demand.
  3. World banks and billionaires are accumulating physical gold while major countries are “reacquiring” what they own.
  4. Gold ownership is pretty low with an estimated 1-2% of US investors owning physical precious metals. Prices are bound to increase as more investors get on board.
  5. The bulk of the gains made in a bull market occur in the “Mania phase”. This last 10% of the market cycle hasn’t yet arrived.
  6. The Fed continues the dollar devaluation while the US government can’t stop its endless borrowing and spending policies.
  7. The masses have their heads in the sand ignoring the economic signs and precious metals ownership as well.

How to Protect Your IRA or 401k

In 1997, the US Tax Payer Relief Act created a little utilized loophole in the IRS code that allows you to own physical precious metals in an Individual Retirement Account. Commonly referred to as a Gold IRA, this type of account provides:

  • A hedge against inflation
  • A safeguard from stock market volatility
  • Diversification for your savings
  • Serious growth potential

Gold IRAs are currently a “contrarian” and relatively obscure investment option, because the masses continue to put their life savings into paper based assets. The type of asset that continues to lose real purchasing power. Your stock broker surely will not recommend a precious metals retirement account as there is no payoff for them.

But more and more prudent investors are seeing through the Wall Street propaganda and are as well concerned about the state of the world economy. Failing fiat currencies, debt, and deepening deficits are exactly why this type of investment makes sense to sharp investors.


  • What is a Gold IRA?

In basic terms, a Gold IRA account is an IRS approved self directed retirement
account that contains physical precious metals.

  • What types of physical metals can I invest in?

IRS codes allow particular proof coins and bullion including Gold, Silver and Platinum American Eagle coins, Australian Kookaburra coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, as well approved rounds and bars.

  • Do I take possession of the gold and silver?

The precious metals placed in your account are held by an IRS approved custodian in a secure, insured and regulated gold IRA storage depository.

  • Can I convert all or part or an existing IRA into a gold IRA?

You are allowed to either transfer your existing IRA or “roll over” your retirement account into a gold IRA. For a transfer, assets are moved from your current gold IRA custodian directly to a new custodian. For a rollover, you’d take possession of the assets and have sixty days to send them into a new custodial account before incurring penalties and taxes.

  • Is a transfer or rollover a difficult process?

Either process is pretty simple and straightforward. Completion of the process can can happen in as little as 2 weeks if working with a competent gold IRA provider.

  • Gold IRA Fees:

Fees vary from dealer to dealer but a “ballpark” number is about $250. Storage fees are also part of the equation and average around 1% of the value of the IRA per year. If you are investing a minimum of $10,000, there is a firm, (the one we recommend), that will actually waive your setup fee and first year storage costs.

  • Gold IRA vs Physical Gold:

While owning physical gold is a good idea, there are some drawbacks to owning it outside of an IRA. Firstly is storage. Do you feel safe hiding multiple ounces of gold in your home? Secondly, there are no tax benefits to owning precious metals outside of an IRA. In fact the capital gains achieved when selling your IRA gold can be tax deferred. Profit on precious metals not held in a retirement account can trigger the 28% “collectibles” tax rate.

  • How do I choose a Gold IRA Invest Company?

Proper due diligence is required with any investment decision and scams must be avoided. When deciding on the firm to handle your IRA transfer or rollover, consider reading gold ira reviews and the following criteria:

  • Reputation
  • Track Record
  • Dedicated Representatives?
  • Gold IRA Specialists?
  • Fees Charged
  • Segregated Storage?
  • Competitive Prices?
  • Delivery Time
  • Processing Time
  • Regular Communication?
  • Off Storage Available

Who do we recommend?

Using the above criteria and sifting through the best gold IRA companies, we came to the conclusion that only one firm shined in all of the categories. That firm is Regal Assets.

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Gild IRA Due Diligence

Regal has been in business since 2003, and is a Gold IRA specialist.

In 2013, the firm was featured in Inc 500 as the 20th fastest growing financial services company in the United States. They were the only precious metals firm to make the impressive list. Regal Assets was also the only precious metals dealer featured in a recent Forbes Investment Guide.

What sets Regal apart from many other gold dealers is their stellar reputation with consumer agencies. They claim the highest possible rating with BBB, Trustlink and the BCA. Moreover, the company boasts a 99.9% client satisfaction rating and literally hundreds of glowing customer reviews posted on their website, with more added daily.

Regal Assets’ dedicated customer specialists are mentioned prominently in reviews about the firm for their sincerity, knowledge and communication skills. Regal keeps their clients informed and up to date on everything from research to transactions.
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