Bullion Direct Review

With the economic atmosphere being such as it is, a lot of investors are considering diverse sources they can rely on to protect their financial horizons. Several resources backed by paper currencies, for instance the stock market, are prone to the uncertainties of inflation. Precious metal trading, on the other hand, can be an effective way to avoid possible risks, as the value of precious metals is only expected to go up in the future as they become more scarce. For several investors who are just beginning to think about the potential options of that market, it can be difficult to be sure which trading business features the best choices.

Bullion Direct is one of the many gold trading businesses on the market. It has a really extensive background, as its site has been established since 2000. Numerous client evaluations mention the company’s history as a favorable point of interest. While it may suggest that the company is knowledgeable and knows its way in the industry, it could also denote a reluctance to adapt to the latest trends. This can be clear in the website interface; while they provide a wide selection of products for the investor’s consideration, the website per se is not particularly developed in its interactivity.

Besides the array of precious metals available on the site, traders will like to find out that there are palladium and platinum options available as well investors interested in further diversifying their portfolios. Traders who know about the typical Bullion Direct review are aware that while the company comes with a wide and diverse selection of bullion to choose from, the website’s unsophisticated interface might strike some potential investors as not very well representative of the selection. All the items are listed without illustrations, which can make it hard to the various kinds of coins.

Notwithstanding the quite elementary entries and general interface, customers will be happy about the price listings. Each bullion item is competitively priced so as to stay on top of investment opportunities. Another point of interest in this regard is that palladium and platinum goods are sold at reasonable rates, giving clients even more investment opportunities in addition to ample varieties of gold and silver bullion.

The site has an FAQ section that describes the way that they work with payment options. Clients will note that there are solely three payment methods available: credit cards, general checks, and bank wire. On their website, they claim that their favored method is by personal check, though that does not mean their debit or credit card options are less secure. Checks are the method of payment preferred by the company given that they do not invoke any additional service costs, whereas credit and debit card payments, especially on bigger orders, can increase the price by as much as five percent. Additionally, there are some products that may not be acquired with a credit card because they are too expensive. The bank wiring alternative is available for orders exceeding US$5,000.

Many clients report that the Bullion Direct site can be challenging to work with as far as locating information. Though the site is relatively easy to understand, the shipping options are not as easily available as on similar sections of other businesses.

Consumer Ratings

Bullion Direct has an A+ rating with the BBB showing 5 complaints in the last 5 years.Two of the complaints were delivery issues while the 3 remaining were product/service related.

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) gives Bullion Direct a “B” rating but is unable to classify them as the firm has not provided necessary information. No complaints are registered on the BCA website.

The firm lacks a rating on Trustlink.com, showing a 0 Star rating due to a lack of consumer reviews.


Bullion Direct has had only a handful of BBB complaints during its 15 years of business but has no track record on other important consumer sites as mentioned above.

And if you are looking for a Gold IRA, you’ll have to look elsewhere as this quote from the BD website reveals “Bullion Direct will no longer accept new IRA Enabled trading accounts. We will continue to maintain and support existing accounts.. ”

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